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The Cache Master project allows a look-in to what the cache in a DNN Application is doing.

Install Instructions

  1. Install the cache master extension by uploading the install package to the Host->Extensions page in your DNN site.
  2. Create a new page in your site, call it something like 'Cache View' or 'Cache Master'. If this is a public site, you should make this page administrator-only
  3. Add the Cache Master module to the page.

The Module will immediately start to list out all of the items in the DNN Cache.

Note : Depending on the keys and object types, this module might require a wide layout. It is advisable to use a skin for the page which can scale horizontally and vertically.

Usage Instructions

Refresh the page whenever you wish to inspect the contents of the DNN Application Cache.

Each individual cache item gives the following information:
  • Cache Key : The unique key the item is cached under. This is assigned usually at design time by the developer.
  • Cached Object Type : The fully qualified .NET object type of the cached object
  • Binary Serializable : True/False - shows whether or not the cached object is compatible with binary serialization, as used in out-of-process caching providers like the Windows Azure cache.
  • Created : The date/time when the item was put into the cache
  • Expiry : The scheduled expiry date/time for the cached object (Note: cached items can be forcibly removed prior to expiry)
  • Sliding Expiration : Either a timespan value (hours, minutes) for the expiry to move with, or 'No Sliding Expiration' if the cached object has a fixed expiry date/time.
  • Item Count : If the object is a collection of any type, the number of items in that collection.

The boxes underneath the headers are a column filter. Simply type in any value to have the cached items list filter to show where the items match. Use this value to filter by subsystem on the Cache Key (assuming the cache key uses a naming standard) or use it to filter out all the items which cannot be used with binary serialization.

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